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ADV8005 Album mode for 1080i input

Question asked by Schang Employee on Jul 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2014 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal



There is a problem on ADV8003/5 eval. board for Album mode.


The test condition/steps:

1. Test with ADV8003/5EBZ board

2. Send HDMI 1080i/30 to ADV7850

3. TX1 as output to sink device

4. After power up run UART commands:

- out hdmi 1 main

- pout 1080p60

- album1 30 1 1866 1076

- pout 720p60

- pout 1080p60


After the setup above the output video was cut into three pieces as attachment.


Looking at the PVSP register settings the "pvsp_vim_d_scal_out_width" is the same as "pvsp_scal_out_width" that is d1866. I reduce the value on "pvsp_vim_d_scal_out_width" from 1866 to e.g 1200, then I can get correct video onscreen.


The problem only occurs when input timing is 1080i/30, no problem for other timings as checked so far. please help to check why "pvsp_vim_d_scal_out_width" can't be the same value as "pvsp_scal_out_width" when input timing is 1080i30.