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Ubuntu Sound Panel on ZedBoard empty

Question asked by hkm-av on Jul 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2014 by larsc

I have the Zedboard Ubuntu design running with HDMI, and audio working from the command line correctly.  However, in the Ubuntu desktop when I open the Sound panel, I expect to see the HDMI monitor and ADAU1761 devices available for selection, but I see nothing.   I did some searching and found that I could try uninstalling PulseAudio and reinstalling it, which I did.  This added the devices back into the sound panel after reboot, but when I select a device and use the audio test button, I get no sound output (command line tests still work).  I also lost the audio icon in the Ubuntu notification area at the top.   This is getting into nuances of Ubuntu desktop that I'm not familiar with, and I wondered if you had any suggestions?   What is even more strange to me is that I used the same procedure to create an Ubuntu reference design for the Zynq Mini-ITX board, and it works perfectly using the same kernel build (3.14) and root file system (12.11).  Only difference is the device tree, but for ZedBoard I'm using the one provided on your wiki unmodified, and I can see no obvious problem with it.  the suggested "post-installation tweaks" for video and audio were made on both systems.