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AD9361/Zynq IQ capture performance of LIBIIO?

Question asked by njp on Jul 9, 2014
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I have a project I'm working on where at the beginning of this year, I leveraged the source code for the IIO Oscilloscope application to make code that could get IQ data from the DMA interface.


I experimented with the IIO FM Radio application, and then rewrote my "get IQ" function based on the FM Radio application code.  I noticed time to do an IQ collect nearly halved.  As I was just experimenting though, my code based on the FM Radio app was buggy and so I haven't really used it.


I noticed there's now the LIBIIO library (and a branch of the IIO Oscilloscope that uses it), and I was wondering if you could estimate how the IQ collect performance of this library compares to the FM Radio and the original IIO Oscilloscope?  The reason I ask is I'd like to revisit my FM radio based code and fix it up, but if the LIBIIO gives comparable or better performance I'll likely use that instead.