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Non Modulo Registers of ADAU1761

Question asked by TomY on Sep 1, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2010 by TomY

When ADAU1761 do startup on SigmaStudio (Pushed Link Compile Download button),
I can see the "IC 1.Non Modulo Registers" in Capture Window.


However, I could not find the "IC 1.Non Modulo Registers" in Datasheet.
What is the "IC 1.Non Modulo Registers"?

And also, I can see the "Non Modulo RAM" in Capture Window.


Do I need to set the "IC 1.Non Modulo Registers" and "Non Modulo RAM", when ADAU1761 is controlled/configured from Microcontroller?


*For the reference, I attached the information of Capture Window.