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Oscillations when using the ADG3300 level translator

Question asked by ameyabhi on Jul 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2014 by seanbrown

Hi all,


I am using the ADG3300 level translator to interface an FPGA output (3.3V signal , 1MHz frequency) to an IC working at 1.8V. I get severe oscillations of 50 MHz at the output. I have used all the good PCB practices like good decoupling , ground plane etc. The document for the adg3300 says that it must be driven by a device that has less than 150 ohm output impedance and a drive current capability more than 36mA. Now I know that the FPGA doesnt have this much drive capability. I am wondering if this is the source of the oscillations. I was wondering whether this current requirement is too high when used for FPGA/microcontroller interfacing. Can anyone suggest any alternatives to adg3300 or give some suggestions on this.