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libiio-interface to matlab

Question asked by Quamstar on Jul 9, 2014
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i have some several questions regarding the libiio interface with the a zedboard and a FMCOMMS2/3 to Matblab.


1.) Do you have any experiences with the libiio using another Linux OS (not the 8GB Linux with the IIO-Scope and the HDMI-Interface provided by AD)

2.) Actually it is just possible to read the data out of the Buffer. As discribed on the wiki, there will be an update where it is possible to write data to the the DAC. Will there be also an interface to set parameters of the AD9361, like LO tx/rx frequency, Bandwith etc.?

3.) Does anybody knows if mathworks is doing investigation in support a workflow by implementing the FMCOMMS2/3 Modul to simulink, where you can do simulations, co-simulations and implementing your design (with respect of the FMSCOMMS2/3) on the zynq straight from Mathsworks (for example via HDL-Workflowadvisor)?


Thanks and regards