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port uboot on custom board based on bf548-ezkit(new bee)

Question asked by Tricky on Jul 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2014 by Tricky


     I am using a custom board similiar to bf548-ezkit, the main difference is using spi flash (S25FL512S ,64MB ,may be too large) for boot .

for clear : the custom board configuration is:

    1.                spi flash                 (S25FL512S ,64MB)
    2.                64MB SDRAM        the same as bf548-ezkit,
    3.                4 uarts                   (I am going to use uart3 for console)
    4.                usb ,CAN interface
    5.                Ethernet interface    (the same as bf548-ezkit)


     currently, I have create my own borad configuration file in uboot-2012  source code , name is tjctl548 (file is attached below) , and it build  ok(may be something wrong configuration with flash and so on ,but it does not matter the build process, I guess)


     problem is:how to download my uboot on the board for the first time ( boot mode is 3: boot from serial spi memory ),using vsdsp?(but there is no flash driver for S25FL512S ), or just use uart(3)?