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EVAL-ADV7280M/81MAEBZ Software problem/I2C Errors

Question asked by roadrunner Employee on Jul 8, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2015 by Rob.Analog

I have EVAL-ADV7280M/81MAEBZ Rev. A.

I followed the instructions of ADV7280-M installation guide Rev A.pdf.


When I run the DVP Eval Latest Source 10-14-11, I can see the evaluation pcb and I can talk to it. However when I send it scripts like the CVBS_AUTODETECT à AUTODETECT_CVBS_Single_Ended_In_Ain_1_MIPI_Out, I always receive an error of “I2C Address Acknowledge Error Device Address: 0x42, Register Address: 0xf”. Sending other scripts or commands like Read All give me similar errors, just different hex values.


Did I possibly miss a step?