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AD8264 with ADC

Question asked by Serg_R on Jul 8, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2014 by krisf

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I am going to use AD8264 with ADC ADS5482. For a full-scale differential input of ADS5482, each of the differential lines of the input signal swings symmetrically between (3.1 V + 0.75 V) and (3.1 V – 0.75 V). To perform this condition I  want to connect VCM output (3.1V) of ADS5482 with VOCM input of AD8264 directly. AD8264 has power supply +/-5V. In specification of AD8264 says, that VOCM has Input Voltage Range between -1.4V +1.4V, but this wrote for power supply +/-2.5V. What range has VOCM input of AD8264 for power supply +/-5V?

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