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ADV7625 EDID problem

Question asked by yeguiyou002 on Jul 8, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2014 by IgorK

Hi All,

     Test Tool:

1.ADV7625 Demo Board

     2.SONY TV which support CEC control and AP585 or QD882(any device which can read out     the EDID)

     3.SONY BD Player which support CEC control


Test Step:

  1. 1. Connect AP585 or QD882 to HDMI C,and TXA to TV
  2. 2. Power Up the Demo Board,the default HDMI route is HDMI A->TXA,and HDMI B->TXB.The HDMI C is not be selected
  3. 3. And now you use the AP585 or QD882 to read the HDMI C EDID,you will see it failure.I had test other port which had not  been selected after power up,it is the same result.
  4. 4. When you select to HDMI C->TXA,and then return to HDMI A->TXA,now you read the HDMI C EDID,it can read success.

This bug may cause some other cec control problem.

Enable all device CEC control,and connect TXA to TV(HDMI 2).When I connect BD Player to a HDMI Port which had not been selected after power up,and control the BD player play or pause.The BD will send CEC command to TV ,the TV HDMI input port will be change to HDMI 1.Because the BD can not read out the EDID from the port,so the PhysicalAddress is not correct.