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no audio output from ADV7626's Txa port

Question asked by HenryL Employee on Jul 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2014 by Poornima


we are trying this.

The ADV7626 of Txa port and Txb prot switch to Rxb port(1080P). Audio source is Dolby digital 5.1ch. We are plug Rxb port.Occurred Txb port video and audio normal, but no audio for Txa port . ADV7626 register data information:

page address register address value

0xB8 0x04 0x26

0xB8 0x05 0x6f

0xB8 0x06 0xf3

0xB8 0x0A 0x00

0xB8 0x0B 0x8e

0xF8 0x04 0x26

0xF8 0x05 0x6f

0xF8 0x06 0xf3

0xF8 0x0A 0x00

0xF8 0x0B 0x8e