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1452 module bug in the sigmasutido of release 3.10

Question asked by zhou on Jul 7, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by JungKyoungSik


      I use the some modules on the 1452 chip.I find something wrong with Delay and Mixer.

     1.When I reopen  or compile my project,  a dialog box ("CELL:MIXER   Ensure“) pop-up and the output window says "Computation Error" . The module I used is " Mixers/Splitters->Mixers->Multiple Control->No Slew->Multiple Control Mixer. After I ensure all the dialog box , the project can be opened or compiled.

      2. The delay module only can be chose to less than 7000 samples at 48000 sample rate. If  I more than 7000 samples at 48000 sample rate, the dialog box “system.out of memory exception” pop up when compiling the project. So the project can't be compiled. The module I used is "Basic DSP -> DSP Functions->Delay ->Fractional->Delay". The delay module is much less than 800ms which noted in the datasheet of 1452.

      The version of sigmastudio I used is release 3.10. When will you fix these bug ? Our project need to finish in two months. Can you fix them in two months? Or can you tell me the time in detail  to fix the bug ?


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