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Maximal rate for serial communications with AD9681

Question asked by on Jul 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2014 by DougI

Please teach me about AD9681.



The following description is in the data sheet.

Rev. A | Page 26 of 40

Data from each ADC is serialized and provided on a separate channel in two lanes in DDR mode.

The data rate for each serial stream is equal to 16 bits times the sample clock rate,

with amaximum of 500 Mbps/lane [(16 bits*125 MSPS)/(2 × 2) =500 Mbps/lane)].

The lowest typical conversion rate is 10 MSPS.

See the Memory Map section for details on enabling this feature.


I think as follows.

The data rate : 16 bits*125 MSPS=2Gsps.

The lane data rate : 2Gbps/2=1Gbps/lane

The sample clock rate : 2Gbps/2lane/2=500MHz.


Could you teach the above-mentioned?



Please teach in relation to the question on 1).

When using it by the following setting, how many is the LVDS maximum clock of ANSI-644 of 1Lane?

Figure 8. Wordwise DDR, One-Lane, 1× Frame, 12-Bit Output Mode


Do you support it to following 750MHz?



Thank you.