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Question asked by Kruse Employee on Jul 7, 2014
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We received aan answer fro m Mathworks that is belwo.  From the Wiki on the AD9361 It appears the Zync ZC702 is supported contrary to the answer from Mathworks.


Below FYI from Mat Lab


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    Subject: Re: Communication system on a Zynq ZC702 with a
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I am writing in reference to your Service Request, Case
#01019527 regarding 'Communication system on a Zynq ZC702 with a RF transceiver'.                   


I have verified after talking to some of my colleagues
that radio capability for the Zynq is currently not supported. We do support
the AD9361 transceiver but that is only with the FPGA boards mentioned at the
link below:


As you can see, we have other FPGA boards which are
supported for radio applications but not any Zynq boards.


One workaround is to write your own customer drivers to
interface the Zynq board and the RF transceiver. However, you would have to
write your own code for that which can potentially be an involved process. If
you are interested in that approach, please let me know and I can discuss with
you how you can get started to write your own interface code.


Having said that, I will certainly let the development
team know about this so that they can consider to add this functionality in a
future release of MATLAB.