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Edit/Manipulate I2S Bits with Sigma Studio ? (ADAU1701)

Question asked by matse on Jul 7, 2014



I am feeding my ADAU1701 DSP with digital data (I²S). The data looks like this:




Here, I send a sine on Left and Right channel. Therefore, the data looks the same in both cases (left and right).

Now, my aim is to feed the redundant data of the I²S Signal with data like e.g. Volume information. But that, I think, I am going to do with a FPGA.


So my question is here: I want to start this by something rather easy, just to check. Is there a possibility for example to take the first 8 Bit of a word and "make" something with them? For example to multiply them with the same word on the other channel? And espacially: Is something like that possible with Sigma Studio ??