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ADV7511W - I2C 3,3V/5V only NACK

Question asked by crosstalk3r on Jul 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2014 by GuenterL


I made a PCB for the ADV7511W from this example circuit,

I put the Cec and Cec_clock to GND,  the PD with 10k to GND (all other parts like in the example) and now I try to get a connection with with I2C.

For the mikrocontroller I choose Atmega (Arduino) because of the librarys.

The Atmega I2C works default with 5V and 10k Ohm each line, then I tryed 3,3V(also 5V) and 4,7k Ohm. With my I2C LCD I have no problem to comunicate, but from ADV7511W I don't get any ACK., the speed is 100khz, 5cm wire length.


Then I thought maybe i damaged the IC so i soldered an other, with the same result.


The HPD circuit works fine, when the HDMI cable is connected, the led turns on.


I also checked all parts and didn't found any missing/broken parts.


My next idea would is to buy again a new ADV7511W IC.

and before, I want to try a levelshifter from 1.8V to 5V.


But maybe I forget something because I didn't worked much with I2C before, so I started these thread, maybe someone has an idea how to fix it.


Does the ADV7511W response to I2C without HPD?