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VBI capture on ADV7401 using Component processor

Question asked by on Jul 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2014 by DerekBurke

We are planning to use ADV7401 for capturing SD & HD videos in a project. Our use case requires capture of VBI data present in the incoming stream.


Going through the datasheet and manual, we are unclear on two points:

1. SD processor supports two VBI data slicers (one high bandwidth and one low bandwidth). However, the Component Processor (CP) supports only CGMS data extraction. Please confirm.


2. VBI data captured on SDP output is accessible either on I2C interface or in the BT656 stream output. We want the second option , i.e. the extracted data should be present in the output video stream as ancillary data. However, we are not clear if this can be done for VBI data extracted from Component Processor (CP) also. The manual mentions only I2C register interface.


Please provide your inputs.