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ADV7511: Audio Return Channel, clocking scheme?

Question asked by davker on Jul 7, 2014
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I plan to use ADV7511 for an active speaker connected to TV. My speaker will only have 1 HDMI output and no HDMI input. This means that TV will be center of audio/video configuration (for example BluRay will be connected on TV). All audio streams (from Blu Ray, or from TV digital tuner) are transmitted from HDMI sink (TV) to my active speaker through ARC.


My speaker doesn't send any video signal to TV. HDMI transmitter only receives audio and doesn't transmit anything.


My question is: which clock must I use to make this work. Is there an application note of this case?


For audio is clock, is it generated from SPDIF signal coming from HDMI sink through ARC? If yes, which other clock do I need to make ADV7511 work?




Thank you.