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SHARC 21065L

Question asked by diydsp on Jul 5, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2014 by MaheshN

Hi all


I'm new around here so please forgive my ignorance ;-/


Just starting out with SHARC and on a tight budget I could not help myself to buy a few 21065L SHARC processors for dirt cheap, after obtaining all the material around 21065L DSP I would like to make a PCB for it, however I'm stuck, I've been reading material around booting the 21065L device from FLASH instead of a PROM (its 2014 who uses PROM today) in this case im going to use a M29W040B-4 Mbit 512Kb x8 the problem is this I cannot find the 2105LEZFLash driver on the analogue devices website?? see page 5


I get the 21065L is old and had its time this is just a experimental study in this area,


Many thanks!