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How to use BF537 PPI port P8

Question asked by himanshu18july on Aug 30, 2010
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I'm trying to use ADSP-BF537 PPI port P8 to output RGB data and trying to see data waveform on Oscilliscope.


As PPI port doesn't have its own clock, I've generated clock using timer 2 (connected to FS2 pin) and provided it to PPI_CLK pin. I've configured PPI for 8 bit data transfer in 1 frame sync (FS1) transmit mode. (Non ITU format). Control word I used for PPI_CONTROL register is 0x408F.

The issue I'm facing is that on running the code, it does not generate PPI DMA interrupt and there is no data waveform on data pins. Though as soon as I connect a AV extender card and run the same code, interrupt gets generated.

So, I'm doubting that AV extender does some kind of extra initialization to PPI which I'm missing. Could some one suggest me on the issue?


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