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ADAU1361 line outputs specifications inquiry

Question asked by pburkert Employee on Jul 3, 2014
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I need some help with the following ADAU1361 specifications related inquiries. Thanks, -Phil


1. Is AVDD current draw (ADAU1361 data sheet table 3) and audio performance (table 1) characterization data available for a 600 ohm load driven by the line ouputs operating in Headphone (HP) mode?


2. Do ADAU1361 line outputs include short circuit protection?


3. For the line outputs: How does the audio quality compare on the HP mode vs. line out mode?  Is there comparable measurements for Signal to Noise ratio or Dynamic Range for the two modes? We need to get a sense of the audio performance when driving a 600 ohm load. We'd also like to understand whether we can expect the same audio quality when driving a 16 ohm load versus a 600 ohm load.


We are considering using a buffer amp rather than drive the load directly from the line outputs; but, would prefer to drive the load directly for lower system cost and size.