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FMCOMMS1 ADC test on second card (on FMC HPC)

Question asked by FArid on Jul 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2014 by DragosB



I'm running two FMCOMMS1 cards on 1 carrier (ML605) and I'm initializing each card separately. Initialization goes well for the 1st card on FMC LPC but for the second card on FMC HPC at ADC communication test, I'm getting some errors as follows:


Testing the ADC communication...

adc_test: adc_clock(245.768MHz)

adc_test: mode( 1), format( 1)

adc_test: adc_clock(245.768MHz)

adc_test: mode( 2), format( 1)

  ERROR[ 0]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[ 1]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[ 2]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[ 3]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[ 4]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[ 5]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[ 6]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[ 7]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[ 8]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[ 9]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[10]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[11]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[12]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[13]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[14]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[15]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[16]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[17]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[18]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[19]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[20]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[21]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[22]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[23]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[24]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[25]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[26]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[27]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[28]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[29]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[30]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

  ERROR[31]: rcv(2FFF2FFF), exp(1FFF1FFF)

adc_test: adc_clock(245.768MHz)

adc_test: mode( 3), format( 1)

  ERROR[ 0]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[ 1]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[ 2]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[ 3]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[ 4]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[ 5]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[ 6]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[ 7]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[ 8]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[ 9]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[10]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[11]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[12]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[13]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[14]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[15]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[16]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[17]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[18]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[19]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[20]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[21]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[22]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[23]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[24]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[25]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[26]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[27]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[28]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[29]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[30]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

  ERROR[31]: rcv(10001000), exp(20002000)

adc_test: adc_clock(245.768MHz)

adc_test: mode( 4), format( 1)

  ERROR[ 0]: rcv(00000000), exp(15551555)

  ERROR[ 1]: rcv(3FFF3FFF), exp(2AAA2AAA)

  ERROR[ 2]: rcv(00000000), exp(15551555)

  ERROR[ 3]: rcv(3FFF3FFF), exp(2AAA2AAA)

  ERROR[ 4]: rcv(00000000), exp(15551555)

  ERROR[ 5]: rcv(3FFF3FFF), exp(2AAA2AAA)

  ERROR[ 6]: rcv(00000000), exp(15551555)

  ERROR[ 7]: rcv(3FFF3FFF), exp(2AAA2AAA)

  ERROR[ 8]: rcv(00000000), exp(15551555)

  ERROR[ 9]: rcv(3FFF3FFF), exp(2AAA2AAA)

  ERROR[10]: rcv(00000000), exp(15551555)

  ERROR[11]: rcv(3FFF3FFF), exp(2AAA2AAA)

  ERROR[12]: rcv(00000000), exp(15551555)

  ERROR[13]: rcv(3FFF3FFF), exp(2AAA2AAA)

  ERROR[14]: rcv(00000000), exp(15551555)

  ERROR[15]: rcv(3FFF3FFF), exp(2AAA2AAA)

  ERROR[16]: rcv(00000000), exp(15551555)

  ERROR[17]: rcv(3FFF3FFF), exp(2AAA2AAA)

  ERROR[18]: rcv(00000000), exp(15551555)

  ERROR[19]: rcv(3FFF3FFF), exp(2AAA2AAA)

  ERROR[20]: rcv(00000000), exp(15551555)

  ERROR[21]: rcv(3FFF3FFF), exp(2AAA2AAA)

  ERROR[22]: rcv(00000000), exp(15551555)

  ERROR[23]: rcv(3FFF3FFF), exp(2AAA2AAA)

  ERROR[24]: rcv(00000000), exp(15551555)

  ERROR[25]: rcv(3FFF3FFF), exp(2AAA2AAA)

  ERROR[26]: rcv(00000000), exp(15551555)

  ERROR[27]: rcv(3FFF3FFF), exp(2AAA2AAA)

  ERROR[28]: rcv(00000000), exp(15551555)

  ERROR[29]: rcv(3FFF3FFF), exp(2AAA2AAA)

  ERROR[30]: rcv(00000000), exp(15551555)

  ERROR[31]: rcv(3FFF3FFF), exp(2AAA2AAA)

adc_test: adc_clock(245.768MHz)

adc_test: mode( 5), format( 1)

adc_test: adc_clock(245.768MHz)

adc_test: mode( 6), format( 1)

adc_test: adc_clock(245.768MHz)

adc_test: mode( 7), format( 1)

  ERROR[ 0]: rcv(15551555), exp(00000000)

  ERROR[ 1]: rcv(2AAA2AAA), exp(3FFF3FFF)

  ERROR[ 2]: rcv(15551555), exp(00000000)

  ERROR[ 3]: rcv(2AAA2AAA), exp(3FFF3FFF)

  ERROR[ 4]: rcv(15551555), exp(00000000)

  ERROR[ 5]: rcv(2AAA2AAA), exp(3FFF3FFF)

  ERROR[ 6]: rcv(15551555), exp(00000000)

  ERROR[ 7]: rcv(2AAA2AAA), exp(3FFF3FFF)

  ERROR[ 8]: rcv(15551555), exp(00000000)

  ERROR[ 9]: rcv(2AAA2AAA), exp(3FFF3FFF)

  ERROR[10]: rcv(15551555), exp(00000000)

  ERROR[11]: rcv(2AAA2AAA), exp(3FFF3FFF)

  ERROR[12]: rcv(15551555), exp(00000000)

  ERROR[13]: rcv(2AAA2AAA), exp(3FFF3FFF)

  ERROR[14]: rcv(15551555), exp(00000000)

  ERROR[15]: rcv(2AAA2AAA), exp(3FFF3FFF)

  ERROR[16]: rcv(15551555), exp(00000000)

  ERROR[17]: rcv(2AAA2AAA), exp(3FFF3FFF)

  ERROR[18]: rcv(15551555), exp(00000000)

  ERROR[19]: rcv(2AAA2AAA), exp(3FFF3FFF)

  ERROR[20]: rcv(15551555), exp(00000000)

  ERROR[21]: rcv(2AAA2AAA), exp(3FFF3FFF)

  ERROR[22]: rcv(15551555), exp(00000000)

  ERROR[23]: rcv(2AAA2AAA), exp(3FFF3FFF)

  ERROR[24]: rcv(15551555), exp(00000000)

  ERROR[25]: rcv(2AAA2AAA), exp(3FFF3FFF)

  ERROR[26]: rcv(15551555), exp(00000000)

  ERROR[27]: rcv(2AAA2AAA), exp(3FFF3FFF)

  ERROR[28]: rcv(15551555), exp(00000000)

  ERROR[29]: rcv(2AAA2AAA), exp(3FFF3FFF)

  ERROR[30]: rcv(15551555), exp(00000000)

  ERROR[31]: rcv(2AAA2AAA), exp(3FFF3FFF)

ADC test complete.


What is the reason? Is it really a communication problem or could be something else in running the code and initialization of the second card? Could be I2C to the FMC HPC card (DAC communication tests go through for both cards though)?


I appreciate your quick response, despite 4th of July...


Best Regards,