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AD8224 PCB Design Considerations

Question asked by are.1980 on Jul 3, 2014
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I am using the AD8224 in my design. According to the datasheet, in order to get optimum performance and reliability the both supply voltage pairs should be connected (pins 5,8,13,16).


The question is it is not clear from datasheet which supply pins connected to which InAmp!


I just want to know if it is specified somewhere in the datasheet and if it mattes or not?! I have just defined the new schematic library and not sure to connect which supply pins to InAmp1 and the same issue for the InAmp2!


It is also important to know this since if pins (5 and 16) and (8 and 13) are connected together internally it does not make sense to connect decoupling caps. for each supply pin.