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Unable to communicate via SPI using SPI Header (P2) on 21364 EZ-Kit Lite

Question asked by mmohan on Aug 28, 2010
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I am developing one application to communicate to the DSP from the PC via SPI. I have dialon board to convert USB to SPI to connect to the SPI header (P2) on 21364 EZ-Kit. Following are the connections I made


          U2C-12                 21364
          J4.1  (MOSI)   -   (MOSI)  P2.1
          J4.3  (MISO)   -   (MISO)  P2.3
          J4.5   (SS)        -    (SS)   P2.4
          J4.7  (SCK)   -   (SPICLK) P2.2
          J4.10 (GND)   -     (GND)   P2.5


On the DSP side I've configured SPI as slave (*pSPICTL  = SPIEN | SMLS | MSBF;). But I am not getting any data on SPI pins. Also I've hoocked a ISR for SPIH interrupt level and interrupt is not comming.


I am using the 21364 EZ-Kit lite with board revision 1.0 and silicon revision 0.1.


Could any one please suggest me what care needs to be taken? are there any special switch settings to be considered?