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ADAU1701 and Arduino

Question asked by matse on Jul 2, 2014
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first of all I want to excuse me for stupid questions and bad expression, but i am rather a newbie in this dsp and microcontroller stuff.


So I am working right now with the ADAU1701 DSP ( Elektor ADAU1701 Universal Audio DSP Board (130232-71) Elektor ). I program the E2Prom of the DSP by using an Arduino Uno like shown in this video: Elektor - ADAU1701 Universal Audio DSP Board - YouTube


This is a rather easy configuration I tried:



I have a decoder which codes SPDIF to I2S and sends it to the GPIOs of the DSP. Everything works so far.


So my issue is now: I want to communicate "live" with the DSP with the help of my Arduino Uno. Here, for example, to mute the Channels by applying a switch at the GPIOs of the Arduino.

I have already read this: How do I create the microcontroller code to interface to my SigmaDSP?

And it helped a lot! But I dont get it, how to do this stuff with my arduino.


Is it possible at all to use the arduino environment to program the uC like this ? Which libraries would I need? The same as in the example ? Which code should I even upload to the arduino!? (see.. I am pretty new here..)


But my main question is: Where do i send the data to? - Those pins, I am using right now to program the E2prom? Because I think if I would do that, the data would maybe be saved in the eprom, but the DSP wouldnt execute it. At least not without a restart.

So maybe to one of the GPIOs ? But why and how should the DSP know to read the data from one of the GPIOs ? (if I dont use any in the schematic..)



Hope this was more or less comprehensible and you can help me. Thank you in advance!