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AD9361 RX capture file save

Question asked by srikanth on Jul 2, 2014
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I am working with AD9361 FMCOMMs2 Zed board. I faced several issues need to resolved.


1. The ADI IIO oscilloscope gets hanged several times while working with it.


2. While validating RX performance I have given a WiMAX downlink TDD signal from VSG to AD9361 RX port. I set the parameters in IIO oscilloscope GUI and could able to see the spectrum. I captured and stopped it and saved as Agilent VSA format. But this saved file I could not able to import to my VSA (Agilent 89600). When I observed the file it contains so many 'NAN' s. Even with out any RX input to the board the capture saved file in (VSA format)contains same values that of previously saved file with RX input. It seems there must be some problem with this file saving option.


It will be helpful to me if anybody guides me through this.


Thank you