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Alternative to AD6528

Question asked by mburumaxwell on Jul 1, 2014
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I have been tasked with a job to redesign an asset tracker to make is much smaller than it currently is. At the moment it is 80mm*50mm*25mm. It has a GSM/GPRS/GPS module inside that occupies 30mm*30mm on the PCB space. WHen I decided to open I found that the chipset inside there ARM926-EJS with a lot of features that are not sued or at least not all its power is utilized.

In a discussion it was agreed that to make the whole thing smaller, we would have to change it. I have been searching for a long time and the solution seems to get a chipset or chip that can be laid out on a PCB and only exposing features required. (We don't need LCD, Keypad, Speakers etc..)

The AD6528 seems to be a perfect choice for the job but it is not obsolete. Could any one suggest to me any other alternatives or solutions?