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how to configure AD9361 for to obtain the carrier frequency in the transmission channel?

Question asked by vv_rustamov on Jul 1, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2014 by vv_rustamov


I want to configure register values on a board FMCOMMS3 AD9361 in order to obtain the carrier frequency output channel.

To do this, you must configure ADC, DAC, carrier frequency, set the switching mode of the external and internal generator,

set mode one or two Tx & Rx channel.

On my FPGA development board not set microblaze. It has only SPI and COM controllers.

In the program (c++ code) on the computer I can read and write register value by COM port.

What groups registers do i need to initialize in order to get the carrier frequency on the spectrum analyzer?

I moved the code from the demo project in its own, but when you initialize the register 5E does not take a value of 1 in 8 bit.


Perhaps some values a not there to be written, because i have the SPI bus is only 3FF addresses. Some procedures have inquiries

by adress to more than 3FF. Apparrently this bus AXI going  interaction for other bus.


Thank you.