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AD5791 noise

Question asked by Andrea111 on Jun 30, 2014
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I am having trouble getting good performance out of the AD5791 using the Analog Devices eval board.  I populated the empty third of the board with an LTZ1000a voltage reference and theother components, and am controlling the DAC with a microcontroller through the SPI pins on the board.  I have no trouble communicating with the DAC, but the output is very noisy. 


I recently constructed a similar setup for the AD5764 eval board, and have no problems--that DAC performs well, with minimal noise on the output.  But with the AD5791, the output noise is many many times larger than one LSB equivalent.  I was wondering about details of the testing that generated the performance listed in the data sheet.  Is it with the Linear technologies reference or an external one?  I suspect the voltage reference is the problem, and would appreciate any help in getting it to work.