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Saving memory on the BF-592

Question asked by patstew on Jun 30, 2014
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I'm currently developing some software for the BF-592 in CCES, and I'm quite pushed for both code and data memory. How can I get the absolute minimum memory usage from the built in stuff? At the moment I've written my own drivers for the uart, spi and ppi, because just those three provided drivers are larger than the total code space. I'm also using the hardware interrupt table rather than the dispatcher system. How do I get rid of the dispatcher table and it's associated functions?

At the moment I can't link to the utility ROM because it allocates ~4k of RAM to a handful of _tmk functions and ___SQRT_Seed_Table. I don't need tmk or sqrt, but there are a few basic math functions in there I'd like to use. Can I only link to part of it, or otherwise eliminate rom_data?

How can I make use of the scratchpad memory? The compiler doesn't seem to be allocating anything there. Can I stick the stack in there? I've seen that mentioned in a few places, but the system.svc only gives me the option of L1 internal memory.

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