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Zynq Mini-ITX Ubuntu audio codec & USB conflict

Question asked by hkm-av on Jun 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2014 by larsc

Hi Guys,

  I am working with the 2013.4 ADV7511 reference design for the Zynq Mini-ITX board, and I'm running the Ubuntu desktop.  Everything works fine, except that usb and adau1761 audio are mutually exclusive.   If I add the usb information to the dtsi file, the audio codec stops working (but I have a mouse and keyboard).  If I leave the usb entry out, the adau1761 works fine, but of course there is no usb recognized.   I am confounded trying to understand the possible connection between the USB and the audio codec, and this issue is definitely repeatable 100% of the time.   Any ideas on what could be going on would be appreciated.  Thanks.