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BF609 doesn't start from SPI flash (custom board)

Question asked by LuigiDiPalo on Jun 25, 2014
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I've realized a custom board with BF609. I've used the same schematic that stay on kit but without some components like encoder, ic2 soft switches and memory card. I've connect two DP83848, one for each core. I've realized a simple firmware that uses lwip and OS like in the examples. This one has only to receive an udp pkt (one for each core) and elaborate the info received. The pkt is 4096 byte.

If i launch the firmware in debug (i'm using 100B emulator) all works fine. If I upload firmware in flash w25q32 (i do this operation without problem on KIT by cldp) i have different problems.

In the first time i was not able to communicate with the memory (this because the original bf609_w25q32_dpia.dxe file use i2c port to communicate with soft switch) but after that i've commented the function ConfigSoftSwitch(), cldp was able to communicate with Flash and return me a "done" at the end of programming operations.

Now the problem is that after the reset, seems that dsp is not able to communicate properly with flash.

In fact CS goes low, MISO still HIGH and MOSI low after a little time high,the clock is continuosly generated by dsp and never stops.