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ADV7630 36bit Deep Color

Question asked by daisu on Jun 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2014 by daisu

Hello all,


Evaluation board of ADV7630 does not output correctively at input of 1080p 36bit deep color.
ADV7630 can see that input signal is 12bit ( 12bit *3=36bit) signal when we  read register at input of 1080p 36bit image.


In other condition,

Input of 1080P under 30bit resolution is OK.
Input of SXGA 36bit is OK too.



1: Can evaluation board of ADV7630 support 1080p 36bit ?
    If possible, please let me know about settings.

2: Datasheet says that ADV7630 can support 1080p 36bit.
    Is this the  problem of evaluation board ?