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SHARC ADSP-21369 - BTC failure?

Question asked by mwieland on Jun 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2014 by mwieland

hi guys,


it's me again. i am working on a student bachelor thesis where i should implement a BTC from matlab to the SHARC ADSP-21369 EZ-Kit to edit parameters for a simple 3-band-EQ during the board's runtime.


i have now a class in matlab including the methods for accessing, writing and reading the BTC and i have initialized the channels in VisualDSP++ like shown in the getting started example.


now i have the following problem:

i will transmit filter coefficients für a biquad filter, so the numerator-coefficients  are  3x1 cell array, the denominator-coeffs 2x1 cell array


if i try to send these values through the BTC, the BTC memory window shows me, that only one single coefficient of the array is edited, the others get 0. a very interesting point is, that in the 3x1 cell array the 2nd coefficient is edited, the first and the third get zero.


has anyone an idea how to fix this? i would need quite a quick solution, because i have to presentate my project on monday.


i will post my matlab function code in here, because i am not  sure if everyone is able to open the .m-file, i hope this is ok.


thanks a lot and best regards,



----------------------------------------------- HERE STARTS THE CODE ---------------------------------------------------------



classdef accessBTC < handle



        numChannels = [];

        isInitialized = 0; %Logical 0 or 1 to indicate if the class is instantiated to connect to the VisualDSP session



    properties(SetAccess = private)

        channelList = {}; % Array of channel objects





        function initialize(obj)

            a = actxserver('VisualDSP.ADspApplication');

            btcPlugin      = a.PluginList.invoke('Item','BtcManager');

            btcManager     = btcPlugin.Open;

            btcChannelList = btcManager.ChannelList(int16(0));       % Get the channel list in processor #0 (always INT16)

            obj.numChannels = btcChannelList.Count;

            disp(['Total Number of Channels: ', num2str(obj.numChannels)]);

            % Create the BTC Channel interfaces

            for i = 1: obj.numChannels

                obj.channelList{i} = btcChannelList.invoke('Item',int32(i-1));


            obj.isInitialized = 1;

           % S=saveobj(obj);

       end % End of Method: INITIALIZE


        function outVal = read(obj,channelNum,width)

            % Default width is 32; other possible values: 16, 8

            % Channel num starts frm 0

            if nargin ==2

                width = 32;


            widthStr = ['btcWidth',num2str(width)];

            btcChan = obj.channelList{channelNum};

            out_val = btcChan.Read(widthStr);

            outVal = cell2mat(out_val);

        end % End of Method: READ


        function write(obj, channelNum, val)

            % input val needs to be a scalar or a vector of int32 or in16 or

            % int8 values

            % Channel num starts frm 0

            if nargin ~=3

                error('WRITE method for accessBTC object needs 2 inputs.')



            btcChan = obj.channelList{channelNum+1};


        end %End of Method: WRITE


        function reset(obj)

            obj.numChannels = [];

            obj.isInitialized = 0;

            obj.channelList = [];

        end %End of Method: RESET




and my calling function is like this:





where num_1 & den_1 are single (32bit) row-vectors...