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Tone generator and Detector

Question asked by RicardoAT on Aug 27, 2010
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I made a test with Tone Generator and Tone Detector softwares modules at the same VDK project.

I copied almost same examples code of this two softwares modules.


For test, i run the detector fist (finding samples from a file disc). The detector work well, as expected.

After i run the generator (saving the samples at the same file name). Apparently work well.

Then run de detector again, using de newest samples. The detector not work more.


I had a same problem with DTMF softwares modules.

Well, i applyed the same solution, and the detector returned to work.


The solution, after run the function "adi_sigtoneg_Process", put the intruction "asm("L1 = 0;");".


Apparently is working well.