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AD-FMCOMMS2 Tx spurious

Question asked by SDR_Radio on Jun 24, 2014
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We find some spurs at AD9361 TX output, they are harmonics of DAC output and those are mixing with mixer, producing at the output along with main signal with 4 MHz offset with 50 dB when we set the Scale Value as 0.0625. At this instant i am not getting enough output power, then i increased the scale level to get enough output power, then spurious products also increases.


when we change the frequency of carrier the frequency offset of spurious remains same, so it is sure these spurs are from the chip.


And we find LO leakage is also only 45-50 dBc with respect main signal, can you please help to us to solve these issues?


Is there any way to reject spurious and as well LO leakage at output?


I attached the Tx output image for your reference.