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Custom device programmer driver for AT25256B and cldp

Question asked by SebastienDuboisFrench on Jun 24, 2014
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I'm trying to develop a custom device programmer driver for AT25256B EEPROM memory.


I use cldp tools provided with CCES.


I spy the SPI bus between the ADSP-BF592A and the AT25256B EEPROM memory. SPI communication is OK (good command and good answer) but cldp take a long time after the last SPI communication and return the following error at the end: “Error: could not write file, load will not complete.”


I debug manually the driver and it appears to work (read and write in the EEPROM are correct).


How can I debug this?


How can I know the parameters that cldp pass to my driver?



Thank you.