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ADP1607 boost DCDC; Max Vin voltage is Vout?

Question asked by moto on Jun 23, 2014
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ADP1607 datasheet say "0.8V to Vout input voltage range"

But when Vin=Vout, it doesn't work. I think.


In other colum, it need reduce diode or cascode FET voltage , I think.

"To use the ADP1607 in the VOUT = 2.5V portion of your application, you would have to reduce the maximum input voltage to 2.5V through diodes or a cascode FET."

Efficiency of ADP1607 at 32 uA


1. Minimum ON time of this device?

     I would like estimate min duty.

   (Why it doesn't have timing condition?)

2. The condition that  Vin = Vout is ok

    How comes input voltage range is to Vout?

3. If Vin = Vout is OK , why is it missing that data in Fig17?


Sorry it might   be primitive questions.