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ADV7340 ED/HD non standard timing mode

Question asked by daisu on Jun 22, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2015 by DaveD

Hello all,


WE would like to use RGB input (RGB ASYNC BYPASS) and RGB output of SVGA format (800 *600, 60Hz, progressive, 40MHz/pixel).

Status of Sync signal  is below
VESA format: Input
P_BLANK: Fixed to H level

At the moment, output value remains certain value so displayed image remains black image.
Register setting  is below

【Register setting】
     SR       Value
    0x00  => 0x1C
    0x01  => 0x10
    0x02  => 0x00
    0x30  => 0x08
    0x33  => 0x04
    0x35  => 0x02

Please let me know if there is any wrong with our register setting or we should add to set any other register .