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SRAM Initialization on ADSP21369 fails only with SPI bootloader

Question asked by Eric-overline on Jun 21, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by zf_zhai


I'm using a ISSI IS61LV5128 SRAM on a company board.

The DSP boot is controlled by a LPC4337 microcontroller,, in SPI slave mode.

I'm using this SRAM which works very well in the Visual DSP 5.

I have an issue when I boot in spi. The SRAM initialization always fails in this case.

I rewrote the the SPI bootloader to add some FLAGS for sync between le LPC and the DSP, and to turn ON/OFF some Leds.

In the main execution code, the SRAM init is done like in the 369-EZ-KIT, with a read/write test after.

What is the difference between both execution mode which makes this failure?


Thank you