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ADP2504 to power ADSP-21489

Question asked by LMagalhaes on Jun 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2014 by LucaV

Hey there,


I'm designing a custom-board using the ADSP-21489 and I'm having some issues trying to figure out if the ADP2504 is enough to power it.


I'm using the reference schematics of the ADSP-21489 EZ-KIT that uses the 5V supply voltage to generate the 3.3V and the 1.1V. I want to use the exact same parts to make sure I don't run in to any problems. My biggest issue is that I want to power my custom board either with 5V or 3.7V comming from a battery. So, to generate the 5V to power the DSP, I need a step up converter. That's where the ADP2504 comes in. Using the ADP2503/4 BuckBoost Designer tool, I've seen that with 3.7V I have a maximum current output of 640mA, which gives me a total of 2.22W. This is more than enough to power the DSP, since, according to the SHARC 2148xPower Calculator 1.1 states that the DSP will consume approximatly 1.5~1.8W. At 5V Vin, the maximum current output is 970mA, which is almost 5W.


My problem is that I couldn't very this since I'm not able to solder QFN parts with the equipment available here. Is there anyway I can be sure that the ADP2504 is more than enough to power the DSP? It is only powering the DSP, the rest of the components are being fed by other voltage regulators.