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Convert ADV212 JP2-files to video file on PC

Question asked by Hurter on Jun 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2014 by Hurter

I have a custom board with a FPGA connected to the ADV212 chip. Encode and Decode works on the board-level. But when I store the compressed file on PC via USB, I get jp2 files. I can open these files with kakadu software but, when I try to convert these to an AVI-video file it fails.

My command on the PC to convert it is:

kdu_merge -i frame000.jp2,frame001.jp2,frame002.jp2 -o Avideo.mj2 -mj2_tracks P:0-2@25
When I try to convert other JP2- files that I downloaded from internet my setup works.
Now my Encode setup is:
VFORMAT = 0x04
PREC = 0x00
UNI = 0x03
CBSIZE = 0x02
WKERNEL = 0x00 (0x01 but with my size limit I get bad quality images)
RCTYPE = 0x01
RCVAL = 0x00AFC8 (45kB)
J2KPROG = 0x00
PICFG = 0x00
QFACT = 0x00
COD_STYLE = 0x83


I did play with a few setting on these registers but all fail, and some even fail on card-level.
My input image stream is 576*720 mono pixels raw data on the 16-bit HIPI bus. VData and the Jdata-busses are not connected.


My question is. Is there fault with my register setup or is it on PC-level?

I don't mind if the video file is not a AVI files. It could be any video format that is more frequently used.

Is there maybe as JP2 header change that I need to do prior the PC conversion process?