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ADF4360-0 : The VCO output is damping at changing VCO from 2.48GHz to 2.42 in ADIsimPLL.

Question asked by Nikkee on Jun 20, 2014
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We have made the simulation of ADF4360-0 using ADIsinPLL in the following conditions as the attached file.
    - Min. Frequency : 2.42GHz
    - Max. Frequency : 2.48GHz
    - Frequency shift : From 2,48GHz to 2.42GHz
The result is that the VCO output is damping between 2.56GHz and 2.36GHz in the transient changing from 2.48GHz to 2.48GHz.

The VCO output mute function cannot be used because of our system requirements.

The VCO output cannot be gone out of the ISM band (2400~2500MHz).

Can the VCO output damping be within the ISM band (2400~2500MHz)?


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