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ADSP-BF526 - Second SPI Bus Interface

Question asked by davekirl on Jun 20, 2014
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I hoping you can help me with a question concerning the ADSP-BF526.


I'm building an interface board for the ADSP-BF526 EX-board, with a uP, which will control the DSP via SPI. I'd also like the DSP to control an ADC via SPI. Since this requires the DSP to be both master and slave to different ICs, I'd like to use two SPI buses.


The ADSP-BF526 has a single dedicated SPI bus so I'm thinking I'll bit-bash a second SPI bus into the DSP using some GPIO lines. But since the DSP will be the slave in this case, I'll need some GPIO lines which allow an external timer to be captured, to correctly trigger a receive on the SPI MOSI line.


Do any of the GPIO pins on the ADSP-BF526 have timer-capture functionality? Or are interruptable from an external clock, which I could use to trigger a receive of SPI data on  a GPIO line?


Your feedback would be most appreciated.


Many Thanks,