New Sigma300 Family Products:  ADAU1451 & ADAU1450

Discussion created by JohnTo Employee on Jun 18, 2014

New ADAU145x (Sigma300) products are available and the product pages are now live on  



294 MHz, 16 kWords of on-chip data memory, 320 milliseconds of delay memory



147 MHz, 8 kWords of on-chip data memory, 160 milliseconds of delay memory

No ASRCs included.  Lowest cost derivative in the ADAU145x family


There is also a new "REV B" version of the ADAU1452 datasheet, as all of the ADAU1452/1451/1450 products are described in the same datasheet for the ADAU145x family.


The EVAL-ADAU1452MINIZ evaluation board can be used as a starting point for developing applications for the ADAU1451 & ADAU1450.   These product options are provided in the processor "Tree ToolBox" window in the latest versions of SigmaStudio (3.10 and newer).