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The clock of RX_FIR of ad9364

Question asked by Andy_1 on Jun 18, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by lesley

Hi,everyone,from the datesheet of AD9364 Reference ManualUG-673,we know data this: ]$EN2ILO$RW7D[%HKZBE8[5.jpg

.Today,i test the board of ad9364 in zedboard platform using the reference project of ad9361. With the command line,i knew the rx_adc_freq=245760000, rx_samp_freq=30720000. In my opinion,the rx_samp_freq is the RX_FIR frequency and the rx_adc_freq is the ADC_CLK, But they do not meet such a relationship above? 2.Can anyone tell me the relationships about the rx_adc_freq、rx_samp_freq、and the rx_rf_bandwidth?

Any Suggestions are welcome。


Thanks again。