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Link blocks of two DSPs in SigmaStudio - ADAU1446

Question asked by grimbart on Jun 18, 2014
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Is there a possibility to link some blocks (crossover, volume controls, ect...) of two separate DSPs (ADAU1446, different I2C addresses) together in SigmaStudio? I have the following setup for a Digital Loudspeaker:

- 2 separate boards, one for each loudspeaker

- one USBi, cable with two connectors

- DSPs connected over I2C

- two Addresses available (ADDR0 = 0 or 1)

To develop the Loudspeakers in stereo, we have a test device with two boards and some amplifiers.


Is it possible to program both DSPs in parallel with the same address, or should I expect some bus conflicts? I've tried it out, but it doesn't worked well...


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