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using micron nand flash for the USB mass storage device demo

Question asked by akash4488 on Jun 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2014 by CraigG

I have a customised board using BF548 processor and a 64MB external RAM,and a  2GB NAND flash(micron).I have tried to use the nand directly as amass storage using the UBB mass storage example provided in the VDSP++5,

however as the ftl liscencing provided for the file system implementation(by HCC embeddde INC) with the code example does not works with the micron nand flash. I tried to use the external RAM as the mass storage device and then used the nand read write code(for micron nand)  to write data to nand. I have modified the code a sfollowe


IF (Device _connecetd == True)


nand write (param1,param2,param3);





but now the and write code starts executing even when there is no data copied in the USB mass storage(i.e external RAM) by PC and it runs continuously.Can anyone suggest a method(timeouts/call backs/fat file system etc) to solve this issue