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AD9361 Details on TX Baseband Filter Tuning

Question asked by davejjee1 on Jun 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2014 by tlili

I have a script where I see:


// TX Baseband Filter Tuning (Real BW: 4.500000 MHz) 3dB Filter

// Corner @ 7.200000 MHz)


SPIWrite    0D6,10    // TX BBF Tune Divier[7:0]

SPIWrite    0D7,1E    // TX BBF Tune Divider[8]

SPIWrite    0D8,04    // TX BBF Tuner BW (MHz)

SPIWrite    0D9,40    // TX BBF Tuner BW (kHz) - 1 LSB = 7.8125 KHz.


SPIWrite    0CA,22    // Enable Tx Filter Tuner

SPIWrite    016,40    // Start Tx Filter Tune

WAIT_CALDONE    TXFILTER,2000    // Wait for TX filter to tune, Max Cal Time: 5.778 us (Done when 0x016[6]==0)

SPIWrite    0CA,26    // Disable Tx Filter Tuner (Both Channels)


My register doc (AD9361_Register_Map_v2.8C.pdf) and Calibaratio doc (AD9361_Calibrations_v2.2.pdf) do not mention or clarify the registers 0D8 and 0D9.


Can someone clarify what these registers do?