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ADE7913: SPI read operation in burst mode

Question asked by swapnilH on Jun 16, 2014
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I need help on SPI read operation in burst mode for ADE7913. I am going to connect it with TMS570LS0432 micro-controller.

In the datasheet of ADE7913 it is mentioned that we can read multiple output registers in a single burst.

It is mentioned on page27 of datasheet that when we send 8 bit instruction containing 5 bit address of starting register (IWV) and 3 bit read/write command, it will continuously give data of registers IWV, V1WV, V2WV, ADC_CRC, STATUS0, and CNT_SNAPSHOT.

But if we see addresses these registers are not in order of their address and some are skipped also.

So do we need to continuously send instruction byte for next register read, after receiving every register value to decide the order or this is predefined order for burst read?